EMS Fellow 360 (degree) Evaluation

Evaluation Dates
Evaluation Dates
Evaluator Name *
Evaluator Name
1. How would you rate the fellow's knowledge and judgement as it relates to prehospital patient care?
2. Would you let the fellow take care of a family member?
3. How would you describe the Fellow's overall attitude towards prehospital providers?
4. How is the fellow at conflict resolution with prehospital providers, support staff, and families?
5. How receptive is the fellow to receiving information or opinions from you?
6. Does the fellow respond to your opinions or actions in a constructive mannar?
7. Does the fellow make efforts to include you in discussion of medical issues and patient planning?
8. Is the fellow approachable for questions or concerns regarding patient care, personal care, personal interaction, or department issues?
9. How would you rate the fellow's actions in the pre-hospital environment?
10. How do you rate the fellow's knowledge base as it relates to EMS?
11. How do you grade the fellow's ability to provide pre-hospital medical direction?
12. How would you rate this fellow's ability to perform patient care in a professional and ethical manner?
13. To what degree do you feel that this fellow is able to identify his or her own strengths, deficiencies, and limits in knowledge and expertise?
14. Do you feel that the fellow drives safely? If "No", please specify why in the comment section.